Here you can find information about the baggage regulations onboard an aircraft. Different regulations apply for different airlines for size, weight, price and number of baggage items. Read more about what applies for your airline on their own websites. In addition, there are general regulations of which items can be transported onboard an aircraft, both for hand luggage and checked-in baggage.

A Commission Regulation relating to aviation security came into force 29 April 2010. The list is in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 17, which is a specialised agency of the UN and applicable to not only within the EU but also the 188 member states of ICAO.

These regulations list those items which are not to be packed in hand baggage carried onto the aircraft as well as those items not permitted in baggage to be checked-in.

List of prohibited articles in your cabin baggage

If you would like more information of what is applicable for each airline, please check with your airline.

Hand luggage

Different regulations apply for different airlines for size, weight, price and number of baggage items. Read more about what applies for your airline on their own websites:


Wizz Air

Please note that Ryanair and Wizz Air amend the hand luggage policies from 1 November 2018.

It is important that you follow the regulation. Otherwise you might have to pay an extra fee to be able to bring your hand luggage onboard, or you have to leave it at the gate to be destroyed. There are no luggage storage possibilities at the airport.

The allowed weight and number of checked-in luggage vary for each airline. For information about what regulations apply on your airline, please check the airline website or app. 


Backpacks with loose hanging straps are not allowed to check-in. All straps must be carefully tied together, or you can put the backpack in a protection plastic bag, that protects your backpack against dirt and damage in the baggage handling process. You can purchase plastic protection bags for backpacks in the Service Center for a fee of SEK 20.


We recommend that you buy a protection plastic bag for your checked-in stroller in the Service Center, for a fee of SEK 60. The bag keeps the stroller protected against dirt and that loose parts get stuck and/or destroyed in the baggage handling process.


Liquids in larger containers than 100 ml are only allowed to be transported in your checked-in baggage. Smaller containers of maximum 100 ml you can bring onboard in your hand luggage. Put them in a 1 liter resealable plastic bag, maximum 1 plastic bag per person.
Liquids also include gels, pastes, lotions, liquid solid mixtures and pressurized containers.

The only exceptions are:

  • medication and/or dietary products essential for your flight.
  • baby food and milk, essential for your flight.
  • Duty free goods in a sealed security bag, with receipt, purchased at an airport or on board the airplane (so called STEB).

These exceptions will be screened with special technical equipment in the Security Check

Sharp items

Pack all articles, which can be classed as pointed weapons – this includes scissors, nail files, knives, corkscrews and tools in your checked-in baggage.

If any sharp instruments or liquids are found during the security controls, the traveller will be asked to go back to the check-in counter and check-in the article or throw the article away.

For more information, please see this list of prohibited articles in your hand baggage.