Passports, ID:s and visa

On all flights a valid ID document (passport) is required, and sometimes also a visa. The European Union requires that the airlines can ensure that a passenger with checked in luggage, also is onboard the same flight. ID control is implemented in all EU countries.

Swedish citizens travelling within the Schengen area do not need to pass through the passport control, but the airlines require that you can show a National identification document. Passports or the National ID card, issued by the Police, are valid as National identification documents. Driving licence or other ID cards are NOT valid.

Valid identification documents:

  • Passport
  • National ID card
    (Swedish national ID card is only valid on flights within the Schengen area. National ID cards from other countries could be valid also for travels outside the Schengen area. Please check with the passport authorities in the country where the ID card is issued.)

When travelling to countries out of the Schengen area, a valid passport must be presented, as the National ID card is not valid. Please read more about passports and National ID cards at the Swedish Police website.

A visa is required for travel to certain countries. Contact the country’s embassy or consulate for more information about visas and their application process.

Keep your identification documents and boarding card ready for inspection at the check-in desk, at the security entrance and when boarding the aircraft.

The Schengen area includes the following countries:
Belgium The Netherlands
Denmark Norway
Estonia Poland
Finland Portugal
France Schweiz
Greece Slovakia
Iceland Slovenia
Italy Spain
Croatia Sweden
Latvia Czeck Republic
Liechtenstein Germany
Lithuania Hungary
Luxemburg Austria



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