About the airport

Stockholm Skavsta Airport is located near the town of Nyköping, 100 km south of Stockholm – right next to the main E4-highway. We offer an effective and efficient airport; the bright modern facilities are capable of dealing with large volumes of passengers.


The terminal building at Stockholm Skavsta Airport is capable of handling 3 million passengers a year, and is designed for further expansion. The terminal provides retail shops, restaurants, currency exchange, rental cars, business lounge etc to our passengers and visitors.

Both long term and short term parking and the indoor parking together with drop-off zones are located close to the main terminal. Regular airport coach services operate to and from Stockholm, Linköping and Norrköping. A new rail link (Ostlänken) is planned and will incorporate a station within the airport area.

Stockholm Skavsta Airport provides a unique opportunity for expansion whilst considering the environment. The airport already has land reserves that could accommodate all future development without reaching the environmentally approved ceiling.

More than 40 companies operate within in our business park, offering great opportunities and expansion possibilities. The airport hotel, owned and runned by Connect Hotels, is situated just 100 m from the terminal building.

The airport is a owned by the Swedish real-estate company, Arlandastad Group, with 90.1 % of the shares and the municipality of Nyköping owns  9.9 % of the shares.

Short facts about the airport

  • The 4th largest airport in Sweden.
  • 27% of Sweden’s population, 2.4 million, live within Stockholm Skavsta’s catchment area (a 100 km radius).
  • Stockholm Skavsta Airport obtained its first international scheduled route in 1997 when Ryanair established traffic Stockholm Skavsta – London Stansted.
  • Between April 2003 and November 2021, Ryanair had a base at Stockholm Skavsta Airport. Ryanair chose the airport as its Scandinavian base and opened up 6 new routes. In October 2007, it added 4 based aircraft and over thirty routes. In 2019 the airport had over 2.2 million passengers a year.
  • Since 2004, the development of the Wizz Air operation has increased substantially and the airline now operates more than 10 destinations from Stockholm Skavsta Airport, for example to Poland, Hungaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Austria.
  • Approx. 1,300 persons have their daily work within the airport/business park.
  • Approx. 40 companies are established within the business park today.
  • The airport was once a military airfield (F11). The airfield was the center of Swedish surveillance flights, but was closed 1980.
  • Since 1998, the British company TBI owned and managed seven airports; amongst others Belfast Int., Orlando Sanford Int. (USA), London Luton Airport and Stockholm Skavsta Airport. Early 2005 TBI was acquired by the Spanish ACDL group. In 2013 most of the ACDL airport assets were sold to the Canadian pension fund OMERS Strategic Investments.
  • In August 2018 the French airport holder VINCI Airports with 46 airports worldwide took over the majority share.
  • In May 2022 the Swedish real-estate company Arlandastad Group bought the airport and are now the main owner with 90.1 % of the shares.
  • Nyköping Municipality still has a 9.9 % owner share.
  • The government has chosen it to be an official contingency airport from 2023.
  • From April 2023 Norwegian operate the airport with direct flights to Alicante and Malaga in Spain.

Stockholm Skavsta Development

The gateway to southern Stockholm

Stockholm Skavsta Airport, Nyköping Municipality and the Regional Council of Sörmland share a common vision that Stockholm Skavsta Airport is a major Stockholm airport, providing a full aeronautical and commercial product range, using its capacity potential to the fullest.

Together we are working to visualize that Stockholm Skavsta Airport as a solution to infrastructural challenges in the growing Stockholm area with the high speed rail link “Ostlänken” in progress.

National decision makers, influencers to the previous group and opinion leaders are the primary targets for this work.


Please visit stockholmskavstautveckling.se for more information.


Our environment is prioritized in our business. We are constantly working to improve our environmental work.


Environmental Permit

The Stockholm Skavsta Airport Environmental Permit allows the airport to handle up to 75 000 movements/year (one movement is one aircraft start or landing) and 6 million passengers per year.

The current Environmental Permit is issued in 2007, after a long application process which included extensive investigations and several consultations with both authorities and the public.

In conclusion, The Environmental Court give Stockholm Skavsta Airport AB permit to operate airport activity at Skavsta Airport in Nyköping Municipality, to an annual extent of maximum 75 000 movements/year, and maximum 300 technical engine runs/year and the refurbishing and additional buildings which are required for this activity.

The permit also gives the amount of passengers within the applied activity can increase up to six million passengers.

For further information about the environmental permit, please contact miljo@skavsta.se.

Noise Complaint

Stockholm Skavsta Airport is continuously working to keep the noise from the airfield activity to a minimum. Information from surrounding residents regarding noise, which means that we can identify noise pollution, is therefore an important part of the work.

In this Noise Complaint Form you can submit your complaint.


Environmental Policy

Stockholm Skavsta Airport acknowledges and accepts that the airport’s operations have negative effects on the environment. As an airport operator we strive to develop the airport to become more efficient and sustainable.  
A key part of our commitment is reducing greenhouse gas emissions of our airport activities.  
Stockholm Skavsta Airport commits to:
  • Reduce emissions from our airport activities  
  • Comply with applicable environmental legislation and company environmental permits  
  • Maintain an environmental management system  
  • Work proactive to prevent environmental accidents  
  • Respect biodiversity and the use of natural resources
  • Continuously improve our system to reduce energy and resources 
  • Communicate to staff and stakeholders that sustainability is a key factor in airport operations  
  • Engage employees and 3rd parties in our sustainability approach  
  • Take actively part in applicable programs that relate to the environment and airports.  
  • Maintain a system for the safe and efficient use of chemicals and where possible replace by more sustainable products. 


We strive to achieve transparency and to have a high level of business ethics. Our whistleblowing service offers an opportunity to confidentially alert the organisation to suspicions of irregularities. The service is an important tool for reducing risks and maintaining confidence in our operations by enabling us to identify and address suspected irregularities at an early stage. Whistleblowing messages can be left openly or anonymously.

Report anonymously and confidentially


The whistleblowing team consists of/or reports may be handled by the following persons:

Marie Sterner Henriksson, Head of HR Arlandastad Group
Dieter Sand, CEO Arlandastad Group

Contact information can be found at arlandastadgroup.se


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