The environmental work is very important at Stockholm Skavsta Airport. We are aware that our business activities have environmental consequences and all the time we seek to minimize those effects. Read more about our environmental work below, where you also can report any noise related complaints.

Our Environment

Our environment is prioritized in our business. We are constantly working to improve our environmental work. In the brochure “Our Environment – towards a greener airport” we present some of our environmental work areas, how we can improve them and some green facts about aviation.

Download and read Our Environment – towards a greener airport here.

Our Environment brochure

Environmental Permit

The Stockholm Skavsta Airport Environmental Permit allows the airport to handle up to 75 000 movements/year (one movement is one aircraft start or landing) and 6 million passengers per year.

The current Environmental Permit is issued in 2007, after a long application process which included extensive investigations and several consultations with both authorities and the public.

In conclusion, The Environmental Court give Stockholm Skavsta Airport AB permit to operate airport activity at Skavsta Airport in Nyköping Municipality, to an annual extent of maximum 75 000 movements/year, and maximum 300 technical engine runs/year and the refurbishing and additional buildings which are required for this activity.

The permit also gives the amount of passengers within the applied activity can increase up to six million passengers.


For further information about the environmental permit, please contact Joakim Lindholm via e-mail: joakim.lindholm@skavsta.se.

Environmental Policy

Stockholm Skavsta Airport recognizes its responsibility to minimize the environmental impacts of its business activities and will pro-actively review how to manage those effects.
In pursuit of this objective, Stockholm Skavsta commits to:

  • Comply with relevant permit and legislation.
  • Maintain an Environmental Management System at the airport.
  • Respect the environment and prudent use of natural resources.
  • Strive to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions caused by airports operations.
  • Ensure commitment by employees and airport partners of environmental procedures established.
  • Actively participate in local, national or international activities aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of airports and developing sustainable development policies.

Noise Complaint

Stockholm Skavsta Airport is continuously working to keep the noise from the airfield activity to a minimum. Information from surrounding residents regarding noise, which means that we can identify noise pollution, is therefore an important part of the work.

In this form you can submit your complaint:

Noise Complaint Form


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