Development and Establishment

The area in connection to Stockholm Skavsta Airport offer great freedom of choice for individual solutions for companies looking for new premises in the expansive region. Welcome to Explore Skavsta!

As a long-term development project with great potential, Explore Skavsta is something unique. It is in an exceptionally good location close to Stockholm, the E4 motorway, and the Baltic Sea’s deepest port at Oxelösund, there is a new high-speed East TrainLink in the pipeline, and Stockholm Skavsta Airport itself brings the world within reach.

Explore Skavsta is 4.84 million square metres of opportunity! The land awaiting development today is partly zoned land which can be developed immediately, while the planning process is already well underway for the first main construction phase.

In a dynamic region, Explore Skavsta stands out as the place which offers real freedom of choice and individual solutions for start-ups and for ventures looking for new premises. It is the place where value will be created in the long term through structured processes and competence-driven business and property development, tailored to meet existing needs and to create and explore unique opportunities.

Stockholm Skavsta Airport is central to the region’s business sector and tourism. It is owned and managed by Arlandastad Group and Nyköping Municipality.

Intent on driving growth for the entire region with its business and property development, Explore Skavsta, together with Stockholm Arlanda Airport, will be a strong communication node and attractive destination. Find out about Arlandastad Group and their approach to identifying, acquiring, and developing important land and property projects here.

To hear about our property development and your opportunities for premises and joint ventures, contact Maria Karlsson, Head of Property Development Explore Skavsta at

Companies already at Explore Skavsta


Company Phone
ACR Flygtrafikledning +46 (0)155-280420
Airport Retail Group – Duty Free +46 (0)70-2227166
Avis Biluthyrning +46 (0)10-4948140
Biltvätt +46 (0)76-328 33 74
Budget Biluthyrning +46 (0)10-4948140
Connect Hotel Skavsta  +46 (0)155-220 220
EMA Specialtransporter  +46 (0)155-218081
Europcar Biluthyrning +46 (0)155-285000
F11 Museum  +46 (0)70 389 90 63
Flygbussarna Airport Coaches  Customer support
Flygteknik Technical Training  +46 (0)155-248987
ChangeGroup +46 (0)8 411 12 22
Nyköpings Gymnasium – Fordons- & Transportprogrammet  +46 (0)155-248987
Border Police +46 77 114 14 00
Helicraft AB +46 (0)155-267440
Hertz Biluthyrning +46 (0)155-212454
Ätpunkt Gruppen
Kustbevakningen +46 (0)776-70 70 00
Lita Screen +46 (0)155-925 16
Company Phone
MABI Hyrbilar +46(0)73-9179156
MickePrint AB +46 (0)155 – 26 84 30
Nordflyg Logistic AB +46 (0)155-217995
Nyköpings Fallskärmsklubb +46 (0)736-343560
Nyköpings Flygklubb +46 (0)155-267183
Porté Consulting +46 (0)70 45 41 745
Pressbyrån +46 (0)155-211202
Råx Marknadssupport +46 (0)70-5900404
Saab AB +46 155 77100
Securitas +46 (0)10-4701000
Servicelänken +46 (0)155-210660
Sixt Biluthyrning +46 (0)155-400169
Sodexo +46 (0)8-57885941
ST1 +46 (0)771 369369
Stockholm Skavsta Airport +46 (0)155-280400
Ståls Håltagning +46 (0)70-5302033
YM Fueling and services AB +46 (0)76-8196569
Tullverket +46 (0)771-520520

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