Filming and photography for private use

The airport is classified as a restricted area, according to the law (2010:305) “protection of premises essential to society”; Södermanland county administrative board’s resolution 2005-04-01.

The resolution also means that photography and filming are prohibited. But the airport may depart from this decision and has stated that the prohibition does not apply to the general public, in normal preparedness. In case of enhanced preparedness, the photography and filming prohibition can be activated.
In normal circumstances photography and filming for private use are allowed, both for passengers and staff.

In the Security check area though, photography and filming are always prohibited.

You must also have in mind that some people does not want to get caught on film or photo, nor their company or business. Always ask in advance, before you photograph or film other people.


Commercial Filming and Photography

Photography or filming of commercial purpose must always be sanctioned by the airport manager.

(public areas on the airport site before Security check)
Day (06.00-22.00): SEK 1500 per hour.
Night (22.00-06.00): SEK 2000 per hour.
(all public areas which require security clearance on the airport site)
Day (06.00-22.00): SEK 2500 per hour and Security guard.
Night (22.00-06.00): SEK 3600 per hour and Security guard.

Please note that photography/filming is prohibited in the Security check area.

Other charges may be made to cover unusual or additional requests i.e. booking a meeting room for the cast and crew for the duration. Such costs will be discussed and agreed prior to the film/photography shoot.


  • Security personnel, points or procedures cannot be filmed or photographed.
  • Third party branding cannot be filmed or photographed without the third party’s permission.
  • Customers or staff may not be filmed, photographed or interviewed without the prior permission of Stockholm Skavsta Airport and the third party in question.

Please contact the airport well in advance, with at least 7 days notice.



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