Frequently asked questions
about our parking spaces

Here you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about our parking spaces.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us at

Arriving to the parking lot with a pre-booked ticket?
Drive up to the barrier by your booked parking space where a camera will read your license plate and automatically print your ticket. Take your ticket and the barrier opens.

In case that the barrier doesn’t open, push the telephone button for assistance.


Departing the parking lot with a pre-booked ticket?
When you leave the parking the barrier opens automatically. If you parked for longer than your booking stated, use your booking ticket to pay the additional rate.

In case of any questions, please push the telephone button to get help.


The barrier doesn’t open when I try to enter the parking lot?
In case that the barrier doesn’t open, push the telephone button for assistance.

Don’t use your debit card or the ticket button to enter, your booking is connected to your license plate number and booking confirmation.


The barrier doesn’t open when I try to leave the parking lot?
In case that the barrier doesn’t open, push the telephone button for assistance.


Can I adjust or cancel my booking?
Yes, as long as you haven’t booked one of our products that are non cancelable. All adjustments and the cancelling of your booking need to be done by 23.00 the day before the booking starts. For adjustments and cancellations made after that time, the full fee of the original booking will be charged. For adjustments and cancellations done earlier than 23.00 the day before the booking starts, click here.

What payment methods are accepted when pre-booking a parking space?
You can pay by Mastercard or VISA.


Does my pre-booking guarantee that I get a parking space?
Yes, you won’t get a reserved space, but you are guaranteed a space within the pre-booked parking area.


Is there a drop-off zone?
For drop-off / pick-up you can use our short term parking area opposite the terminal buildning. Here you can park for free for 10 minutes and for a maximum of 6 hours. Pay by using any of these parking apps: Easypark, Parkster or E-park. Do you need to park for a longer period of time, we refer you to our long term parking areas (P2 or P3).

Is there short term parking?
Yes, there is two short term parking areas at the airport. The one opposite to the terminal buildning there is short-term parking with drop-off. Here you can park if you are picking up passengers or visiting the airport temporarily. You are allowed to park here for a maximum of 6 hours. Pay by using any of these parking apps: Easypark, Parkster or E-park. If you don´t want to use parking apps please use our short term parking P1 where you can pay with creditcard. For longer stays please use our long term parking areas (P2 or P3).


How do I park without pre-booking?
For parking areas P1, P2 and P3:

  • At arrival, drive up to the parking bar.
  • Insert your credit card (alternatively push the ticket button and take the ticket).
  • Park your car.
  • When leaving, insert the same credit card you used when arriving to pay and leave the parking area.

If you want to pay cash or in one of the payment stations, take a parking ticket at the entrance:

  • Bring the parking ticket and pay before you pick up your car (cash or by credit card). Payment stations are found by the Arrival terminal and in the entrance to the parking garage
  • It’s also possible to pay by the bar by the entrance to the parking space. This is done by inserting your parking ticket first and then your credit card

If you have any questions, push the telephone-button to talk with our staff. Click here for current pricing of our parking when not pre-booking.


Is there a disabled parking area?
Parking for vehicles with a disabled parking permit is located by the terminal.

Enter the parking space through the bar located on Hangarvägen and follow the signs showing the way to the disabled parking area. You can pre-book your parking space to a lowered pre-booking rate, by doing this your car will automatically be registered when arriving at the bar. You can also arrive without pre-booking, then you pay the standard rate in one of the payment stations. The standard rate is the same as for the long term parking (campaign prices are not valid).

Your parking permit needs to be placed so it easily can be seen in the vehicle’s windshield. Only original documentation or a copy that is issued and signed by Stockholm Skavsta Airport Information, at every specific parking occasion, are allowed. No other copies allowed.


Can I charge my electric car?
Yes, there are 28 charging points for electric cars in the parking garage (P2), of the model 11 kW type 2. If you want to be sure to get a spot, you can pre-book parking with electric charging via our booking system. It costs SEK 4.50/kWh and you pay separately for charging via the Northe app.


How do I park at the Aiden Hotel Skavsta?
For people staying at the Aiden Hotel Skavsta there are parking spaces reserved at the terminal parking area opposite the hotel. These parking spaces come at a lowered rate and don’t have to be booked in advance. Please look at the airport map to find the parking area.

When arriving at the airport:

  • Drive up to the parking bar by the terminal parking area P1 and push the ticket button.
  • Show the ticket in the hotel reception and you will receive an additional discount ticket.
  • Use both tickets, the ordinary first followed by the additional discount ticket when leaving.
  • Pay at the airports payment stations or by the parking bar at the exit.

What do I do if I haven’t received a booking confirmation?

When booking online you should always receive a confirmation within the hour of your booking. If this didn’t happen please follow these instructions:

  • Check so the confirmation email didn’t get stuck in a spam filter or in the junk mail. If this is the case, please change your setting so our mail goes to your inbox in the future
  • If your confirmation still isn’t found, click here. Please check that you entered the right email address, if it’s not the correct one, please enter the right one and push the “confirm” button followed by the “send” button. This should generate a new confirmation for you. Please check your inbox for it
  • If you still haven’t received any confirmation of your booking within 24 hours, contact us directly by email (follow the “Contact us” information at the bottom of this page)


Stockholm Skavsta Airport can’t take responsibility for an incorrect booking that we haven’t received information about from the customer.

Do I need to inform the airport if I arrive in another vehicle then the one stated in my booking?

Yes. We use cameras to register your car’s license plate number when entering and exiting our parking areas. If you arrive in another car than stated we can’t match the license plate with your booking. However, you can change the license plate in your booking here until 23:00 the day before your booking.

If you arrive at the parking area in another car than stated, please push the telephone button (marked with help) that’s located at every exit and entry station. When in contact with our staff, state your booking number to get in and out.

What should I do if I arrive in a bigger than normal vehicle, e.g. motorhome?
Please contact us if your vehicle is unusually high, wide or long, so we can control that it’s not too big for your chosen parking area. Find our contact information at the bottom of this page.



What happens if my flight is delayed?
You do not need to contact us. When you drive out of the parking lot, you pay for the excess time at the barrier. You pay by credit card.
If you have pre-booked parking, you do not need to do anything in the booking system. You pay for the excess time at the barrier.


What happens if I damage another vehicle in the parking area?
You have to report the incident immediately to our staff by pushing the telephone button at the entrance/exit bar. State the license plate number of the car/cars involved in the incident and full information about your name, address, telephone number as well as contacts to your insurance company. When giving us this information you give consent to us giving this information to third parties for their use in this incident.


What happens if my vehicle gets damaged or stolen when parked at the airport?
Report the incident to the police and your insurance company as soon as possible.

What are Stockholm Skavsta Airports responsibilities towards me?
The airport isn’t responsible for any vehicles or other property stolen. The airport is also not responsible if your car is damaged. The airport has the right to move vehicles in some cases.


How do you use my information?
We will only use your information for your booking, if you haven’t stated anything else (see below).

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