Destinations from Stockholm Skavsta

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Ski destinations from Skavsta!

From Stockholm Skavsta you can travel to many ski destinations in Europe.

Czech Republic
Skiing in the Krkonoše Mountains. Fly to Prague with Ryanair, 3 dep/week. Read more here
Skiing in the Italian Alps. Fly to Bergamo with Ryanair, 6 dep/week. Read more here
Skiing in Zakopane. Fly to Krakow with Ryanair, 5 dep/week or Katowice with Wizz Air, 2 dep/week. Read more here
Skiing in Kopaonik. Fly to Nis with Ryanair or to Belgrade with Wizz Air, 2 dep/week. Read more here
Skiing in Lower Austria. Fly to Vienna with Laudamotion, 4 dep/week or with Wizz Air, 3 dep/week. Read more here
Spain – Pyrenees
Skiing in Baqueira-Beret, La Molina/Masella, or Andorra. Fly to Barcelona with Ryanair, 2 dep/week. Read more here

Banja Luka - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Banja Luka - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Fly to Banja Luka with Ryanair

Banja Luka in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the second largest city of the country. The river Vrbas divide the city and the region is famous for its greenery, both the parks and the tree-lined streets, as well as the surrounding woods. Lots of things are waiting for the adventurous, such as rafting, horseback riding, fishing and hiking.

Read more about the city on Banja Luka Tourism.

Boka Banja Luka

Dusseldorf - Germany

Dusseldorf - Germany

Dusseldorf with Laudamotion

Düsseldorf is the city with both a rich business life and cultural life. Many international companies are headquartered in Düsseldorf, which has attracted people from all over the world – and thus food, culture and entertainment for all tastes. You will also find world-class shopping on the boulevard Köningsallee.

Flights with Laudamotion to Düsseldorf Airport depart two days a week from 31 March 2019.

Boka Dusseldorf

Kiev - Ukraine

Kiev - Ukraine

Fly to Ukraine with Ryanair

Now you can fly from Stockholm Skavsta to Kiev in Ukraine with Ryanair.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, located on the Dnieper river in the northern part of the country. Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with about 3 million inhabitants.

Here you can find extraordinary architecture with golden domes and countless churches, boulevards and malls, a vibrant culture and nightlife, as well as many green parks, cozy cafés and amazing restaurants. You can find more information on Kiev here.

The route will be operated by Ryanair three days per week. For bookings, please see

Boka Kiev

Kutaisi - Georgia

Kutaisi - Georgia

New Wizz Air route in 2020

Wizz Air opens the first route between Stockholm and Georgia on July 1, 2020. Kutaisi is Georgia’s third largest city located in the western part of the country, about 220 km from Tiblisi and 120 km from Batumi.

The river Rioni runs through Kutaisi, and you will find many beautiful buildings and parks, and in the region very exciting nature.

Read more about Kutaisi on

Boka Kutaisi

Niš - Serbia

Niš - Serbia

Fly to Niš with Ryanair

Niš is the 3rd largest city in Serbia and is also one of the oldest cities in Europe and has long been called “the gateway to the Middle East”. Situated on the river Nišava and surrounded by magnificent mountains, Niš is a beautyful place to visit.

Ryanair operates the route Stockholm Skavsta – Niš twice per week.

Boka Niš

Podgorica - Montenegro

Podgorica - Montenegro

2 departures per week all year

Travel to Podgorica in Montenegro from Stockholm Skavsta Airport with Ryanair. There are two weekly departures all year round, on Thursdays and Sundays.

Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro with about 150 000 inhabitants. Along the coast line you will find beautiful seaside resorts, such as Budva and Herceg Novi.

Boka Podgorica

Prague - Czech Republic

Prague - Czech Republic

Discover beautiful Prague!

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. The river Vitava divide the city in two halfes which are connected with many bridges, of which the Charles Bridge is the most famous. In Prague you will find many beautiful historical buildings from different ages. Amongst the many sights are the National Museum of Prague, Wenceslas Square and the Prague Castle. Worth a visit is the astronomical clock in the Old Town, and also the many green parks of the city.

Read more about Prague on

The route to Prague is operated three days per week, from 1 April 2019.

Boka Prague

Vienna - Austria

Vienna - Austria

Vienna with Wizz Air and Lauda

Two airlines serve Vienna from Stockholm Skavsta; Wizz Air and Laudamotion. This means we have 6-8 departures per week to Vienna.

Vienna is the capital of Austria with 1.8 million inhabitants, situated in the eastern part of Austria. There are many reasons to visit Vienna; the rich art- and cultural life, the many museums and the beautiful architecture – and not to forget the Spanish Riding School. The city host several international organizations, such as IAEA and UNHCR, and the city center is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Going to Vienna, you have also proximity to the Alps and the green woods of Wienerwald.

More information on what to do in Vienna at

Tickets are available via Skyscanner, on and

Boka Vienna

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