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Gdansk - Poland

Gdansk - Poland

Popular weekend city

Gdansk is one of Poland’s oldest cities and was an important port city during the Middle Ages. Walk on cobbled streets in the old town where you will also find the world’s largest brick church. The square, Długi Targ, in the middle of the city is lined with nice buildings, bars and cafes.

In summer, the Polish Riviera attracts the neighboring towns of Sopot and Gdynia. The easiest way to get here is by tram or taxi.

See the city from above with the Ferris wheel Ambersky Gdansk located on the Motlawa canal.

Boka Gdansk

Warsaw - Poland

Warsaw - Poland

Europe's new hipster capital

Poland’s capital has recently gone from a gray and gloomy communist city to a vibrant metropolis with a wide range of entertainment. Have a coffee in the sun or lunch on an outdoor terrace in the narrow cobbled alleys of the old town. Have a drink at the Skybar in Marriott hotels and look out over the entire city. Finish with a nightclub visit, many of the clubs only close when the last guest goes home.

Do not miss the museum dedicated to the city’s great son, Frédéric Chopin. The old sheets with handwritten notes testify to the enormous work behind his place among the greats of classical music.

Boka Warsaw

Kiev - Ukraine

Kiev - Ukraine

Fly to Ukraine with Ryanair

Now you can fly from Stockholm Skavsta to Kiev in Ukraine with Ryanair.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, located on the Dnieper river in the northern part of the country. Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with about 3 million inhabitants.

Here you can find extraordinary architecture with golden domes and countless churches, boulevards and malls, a vibrant culture and nightlife, as well as many green parks, cozy cafés and amazing restaurants. You can find more information on Kiev here.

The route will be operated by Ryanair three days per week. For bookings, please see

Boka Kiev

Budapest - Hungary

Budapest - Hungary

City weekend

The city is, with the river Danube, and its historic buildings listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The capital of Hungary is full of beautiful buildings, exciting sights and really good restaurants.

Budapest has the most thermal baths and spas among all the capitals of the world, which makes it an excellent choice for a spa weekend abroad.

Boka Budapest

Sarajevo - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Sarajevo - Bosnia & Herzegovina

New route with WIzz Air

Sarajevo has been a center for commerce since the late 1400s, and the old bazar “Baščaršija” is still full of market life, with cafés and small shops. In this area you will also find the Gazi Husrev-beg’s mosque and the Pigeon Square.

In Sarajevo the Bosnian coffee culture is strong, and the food is delicious.

The city is surrounded by mountains and here the Winter Olympic games took place in 1984. The area offer good possibilities for winter sports, or hiking or mountain biking in the summer.

Boka Sarajevo

Vienna - Austria

Vienna - Austria

Visit Vienna

Fly with Wizz Air from Stockholm Skavsta.

Vienna is the capital of Austria with 1.8 million inhabitants, situated in the eastern part of Austria. There are many reasons to visit Vienna; the rich art- and cultural life, the many museums and the beautiful architecture – and not to forget the Spanish Riding School. The city host several international organizations, such as IAEA and UNHCR, and the city center is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Going to Vienna, you have also proximity to the Alps and the green woods of Wienerwald.

More information on what to do in Vienna at

For tickets and timetables, please visit

Boka Vienna

Tirana - Albania

Tirana - Albania

Visit Albania

Tirana is something of a hidden gem in the Balkan area. Just recently open for tourism, the modern Tirana is full of restaurants, nightlife and hotels, and has become a vibrant and cosmopolitan city to explore.

Tirana is often called “the colorful city”, due to many buildings are painted in bright colors.

In the city center you will find the Skanderberg square, with the famous Et’hem Bey Mosque.

Worth a visit is also Parku i Madh (Grand Park) with the artificial lake, where many Tirana citizens go for a relaxing time, fishing, bathing or having a picnic in the green.

Tirana is situated just 40 km from the Adriatic Sea, where you, amongst other, will find the historic city of Durrësi with an interesting history and beautiful beaches.

Boka Tirana

Vilnius - Lithuania

Vilnius - Lithuania

Fly with WIzz Air

Now Wizz Air has reopened the route to Vilnius from Stockholm Skavsta. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and have about half a million inhabitants. Here you will find many beautiful buildings in various architechtures from different centuries. Do not miss to visit the Gediminas Tower or the Cathedral Square. Read more about Vilnius at

Boka Vilnius

Belgrade - Serbia

Belgrade - Serbia

"The new Berlin"

The Serbian capital Belgrade is one of Europe’s oldest capitals, and its name means “White City” in Serbian. The city is located where the rivers Danube and Sava meet, where the castle Kalegmedan watches over the city from its cliff and offers a glorious view. Belgrade is sometimes also called “little Berlin”. In the bohemian quarter Skadarlija you will find a bustling crowd among the district’s many bars and cafes, and down the river the boat clubs are crowded with an intense nightlife. Also, do not miss the parade street Knez Mihailova, where you can stroll between all the shops, cafes and restaurants, or to visit any of the city’s many markets.

For timetables and tickets, please visit

Boka Belgrade

Banja Luka - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Banja Luka - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Fly to Banja Luka with WizzAir

Banja Luka in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the second largest city of the country. The river Vrbas divide the city and the region is famous for its greenery, both the parks and the tree-lined streets, as well as the surrounding woods. Lots of things are waiting for the adventurous, such as rafting, horseback riding, fishing and hiking.

Read more about the city on Banja Luka Tourism.

Boka Banja Luka

Bucharest - Romania

Bucharest - Romania

Discover Romania

Discover the capital of Romania, a charming city with parks, palaces, historic buildings, lush squares and exciting nightlife.

Bucharest has many new trendy restaurants that have opened all over the city in recent years. Previously, the focus was on traditional Romanian cuisine, today it´s mixed up with all the world’s cuisine in combination with Romanian. If you want to listen to classical music, visit Ateneul Român, the city’s circular concert hall with a domed roof.

You land at Henri Coandă International Airport about 1.6 km north of the city.

Boka Bucharest

Krakow - Poland

Krakow - Poland

Poland's second largest city

Krakow offers an exciting mix of history, art, science, gastronomy and shopping. Here you will find cozy pubs, fine restaurants and good nightclubs. The low prices and exciting experiences mean that many are attracted here, to lively squares, fairytale castles with pinnacles and towers, history and entertainment.

Do not miss the Jewish Quarter in Krakow. In addition to a lot of cozy bars and cafes, the area is known for its large murals on the old buildings.

Boka Krakow

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