Car Park Pre-booking FAQ’s

How do I make a booking?

There are 4 easy steps to successfully make a booking:

  • Select your date and times for arrival and departure
  • Complete your passenger details
  • Complete your payment details
  • Print out your confirmation invoice and email

Remember to bring your confirmation email, you may need this for proof of purchase.

Can I book at short notice?

Yes, you can make a car park booking up to 23.00 the day before your entry into the parking, subject to availability.

Please note that some campaign rates are only applicable on a few parking spaces, why it is a good idea to pre-book your parking well in advance to get the lowest rates.

How far ahead can I book?

You can make a booking up to 12 months in advance of your travel date, subject to availability.

How are parking charges calculated?

Pre-booked car parking prices are based on the current price list at time of booking. The number of days charged for when a customer pre-books is calculated based on the dates and times selected when making the booking.

What payment methods are accepted?

For pre-booking at Stockholm Skavsta Airport parking, please use Master Card or VISA for payment.

Can I change or cancel my booking?

Yes, unless you have booked one of our products sold on the basis that you can’t. All changes and cancellations have to be made at the latest at 23.00 the day before your chosen day and time of arrival to the parking, otherwise it’s too late – you will have to pay for the full period of the original booking.

Apart from that, you can change or cancel the booking by clicking here.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

You can cancel or amend your booking at any period until 23.00 the day before your booking is scheduled to commence at no extra charge. The simplest way to amend or cancel a booking is to click here. Amendments and cancelations made online are not subject to any additional fees unless the booking is cancelled after 23.00 the day before your entry into the parking.

Why is there no availability for the dates I am trying to book?

This could be because:

  • The car park is fully booked for part or all of your stay.
  • Discounted products are only available for certain dates and have a fixed allocation of spaces for these dates.

It is unlikely that you will find no availability, however if this is the case please feel free to contact us.

What do I do if I have not received my booking confirmation?

If you have booked online you should have received confirmation within an hour of booking. If you do not, you should check why as soon as possible as described below:

  • First check that it has not been blocked by a “spam” filter or is in your “junk” e-mail box. If it has been, please alter  your  settings  to  allow  e-mails  from  us,  otherwise  you  may  not  receive  important information from us about your booking.
  • If you still have not received the confirmation, click here. Check that you have given us the right e-mail address. If it is incorrect, re-enter your e mail address and press Confirm, then Resend my itinerary. This should then send the booking confirmation to you.
  • If you still have not received confirmation within 24 hours, you must e-mail us (see Contact us at the bottom of this page). Stockholm Skavsta Airport does not take responsibility for an incorrectly completed booking that we have not received any information about.

 What is Manage My Booking?

The Manage My Booking service allows our customers to amend or cancel their car park booking online, up to 23.00 the day before your chosen day of arrival to the car park. You can amend all your details including car registration, payment card details and dates for your car parking at Stockholm Skavsta Airport.

What is Display Previous Bookings?

This service allows the customer to view all previous car park bookings at Stockholm Skavsta Airport made in the last 12 months. By entering your email address and post code used when making your last booking, you will gain access to this information.

What co-ordinates do I enter into my Sat Nav to get to Stockholm Skavsta Airport?

Satellite Navigation Co-ordinates: 58° 47′ 03” N, 16° 55′ 20” E

Do I have to tell you if I am coming in a different car than I said when I booked?

Yes. We are using cameras to record your car registration number; therefore, if you arrive in a different car, we cannot match its registration to the booking. Click here and go to Manage My Booking, where you can amend your details until 23.00 the day before your entry into the parking.

How do I register a complaint or comment?

We are committed to achieving the highest standard of customer care and are happy to get your comments on our Car Park Products. Please email us at:

What do I do when I get to the car park?

The confirmation email you will receive gives comprehensive instructions on car park entry and exit procedures.

What happens when I return?

The car park exit procedure is very straightforward and will be detailed in your confirmation email as well as under the ‘Info & Maps’ link when making your booking.

Can I book a disabled space?

Yes, there is a designated Car Park for disabled just next to the Airport Terminal where you can pre-book a parking space. Follow the signs for Parking for disableds on arrival to the airport. There are also designated spaces in the Indoor Parking, just next to the exit to the Airport Terminal (ordinary Indoor Parking fee).

In order to use these parking spaces, you need to put your handicap permit in the vehicle’s windshield.

Does booking guarantee me a space?

Yes. You do not get an allocated space, but you’ll get in somewhere in the pre-booked car park. Very occasionally the car park may be full – maybe incoming flights have been delayed so more cars are in car park than we had expected, or maybe we have had to close a part of the car park to repair it. If you turn up and can’t find a space, use the help button at the entrance to the car park and let us know.

If your chosen car park is full, we’ll give you a free upgrade, or, if that is not possible, put you in a cheaper car park and refund the price difference.

What if I have a larger vehicle, e g trailer or caravan, or a large vehicle like a motorhome, limousine, truck or tall van?

Please Contact us (see contact details in the bottom of this page) if your vehicle is unusually high, long, or wide, to check that it is not too big to use your chosen car park. If it is, and you have not checked with us first, you will not get a refund. Trailers, caravans etc must not be left without the vehicle towing them.

Your vehicle must fit into a standard car parking space. Therefore, if you are intending to bring in any form of trailer, or large vehicle, you should Contact us first; extra charges may apply. If you take up more than one space, you will have to pay for those extra spaces, at the same rate that you would pay had you not pre-booked. These charges will be debited to the same card that you used to make your booking. You must not park so as to use up more than one marked parking space, unless you have paid to do so.

What do you do with the data that you get from me when I book or use the car park?

We will only use the information in connection with your booking, unless you have agreed otherwise (see next point).

If you ticked the box on the booking form, we add you to our database for sending you the Stockholm Skavsta Airport newsletter, special offers, and so on, but you can “unsubscribe” at any time by clicking the link that we will be on each e-mail.

Do I have to put my credit/debit card into the machines at entry or exit to the car park?

No, you do not need to enter your debit/credit card at the entry to and exit from the Car Park.

The parking system read the license plate of your car at the entry to and exit from the Car Park, to identify your booking. Therefore it is very important that you have entered the correct license plate number in your booking. It you need to change the license plate number, please use the link Manage my booking no later than 23.00 the day before you enter the car park.

What if my flight is delayed and I go over my pre-paid parking period?

You can pay for any additional parking time on your return. Normal gate rate charges apply.

What if I arrive early before my pre-paid booking period begins?

You will pay for any additional parking time on your return. Normal gate rate charges apply. For example, if you arrive up to 3 hours earlier than pre-booked, you can still park in your pre-booked car park and pay the additional overstay when you leave.

What happens if I damage another vehicle?

You should report the matter immediately to a member of our staff either in person or via the help button located at each entrance and pay station, and give them the registration number(s) of the vehicle(s) involved together with your full name, address and contact details, as well as the name and contacts of your insurance company. In doing so, you are consenting to our passing this information to third parties for use in connection with the incident.

What do I do if my vehicle is damaged in the car park, or stolen?

You should immediately report the incident to the Police and to your insurance company.

What is Stockholm Skavsta Airport’s liability to me?

Stockholm Skavsta Airport do not take responsibility for theft of vehicle or damage. The Airport reserves the right to move vehicles at certain situations.

Why have I been charged more than I thought? Can I get a refund?

Set out below are some of the reasons why you might have been charged extra. If you think that you might be entitled to a refund, e-mail us (see Contact us in the bottom of this page); we do not accept applications for refunds by telephone.  You might have been charged extra because:

  • Your booking had not been processed, or did not include the correct information.
  • You did not book with us at all. We will charge you in full if you had booked a space in someone else’s car park, but used ours instead.
  • You booked one of our car parks, but used a different one.
  • You arrived too early or left too late. Basically, you have parked for longer than you have paid for, so you will be charged for that.


Contact us

Please refer to your booking reference number (ex. H0001) when contacting us.

As far as possible we will try to answer to your e-mail within one working day but in peak season it may take up to three working days.

Parking, practical issues (answer within 24 hours, peak periods 48 hours:

Parking, finance related issues (answer within 5 working days, operated office hours):


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