Increased interest in Skavsta

Stockholm Skavsta Airport continues to grow. As the number of passengers at other Swedish airports decreases, Stockholm Skavsta goes against the trend, as traffic in 2019 increased by 3.7% (total passenger volume 2.3 million). Passenger statistics for January 2020 show an increase of as much as 12% compared to January 2019.

The reasons for this may vary. Among other things, it is mainly domestic traffic that decreases at other Swedish airports, while there is only international operations from Stockholm Skavsta.

Many people also think that the wide range of destinations from Stockholm Skavsta is an advantage, and that it is a convenient airport to travel from.

“We also have a high proportion of passengers who travel to visit family and friends, such as students abroad or those who’s families lives in other countries,” says Mats Rodgerson, Commercial Director at Stockholm Skavsta. “We live in a global world where many live/work/study in one country but have family and friends elsewhere. That type of travel is constantly increasing.”

The great interest in traveling from Stockholm Skavsta appeared not least during the weekend 8-9 February, when Stockholm Skavsta participated in the travel fairs in Norrköping and Linköping. This year, both fairs had an unusual high number of visitors, and the interest in travel from Stockholm Skavsta was greater than ever. Destinations that many are attracted to include Vienna, Prague and several destinations in Poland. Destinations such as Edinburgh, Alicante, Budapest and Zadar are also of high interest for many people.

Although Ryanair will make changes to the traffic program at Stockholm Skavsta from April 2020, the airline will continue to fly to 14 destinations from the airport, including London, Malaga, Pisa, Milano Bergamo, Krakow, Warsaw and Thessaloniki.

Wizz Air and Laudamotion’s operations are running as usual, and may also increase during the year.

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