Lost and Found

Found objects are stored at the Airport Information for 3 months. If not collected, the item is donated to one of the non-profit organizations. We are only storing items of value, such as computers, mobile phones, jackets etc. Less valueable items, such as one glove or hygiene products, are not stored in Lost & Found.

Please note that lost bags are opened and the content is checked for security reasons.
Stockholm Skavsta Airport accepts no responsibility for the condition in which the object is when it is picked up or when it arrives after having been posted to you.

How do I know if the object is stored at Stockholm Skavsta Airport?

Please send an E-mail to lost&found@skavsta.se

  • Give a detailed description of the lost object so that we can identify whether your property is in our custody.
  • Specify the date/flight/where your object was lost.
  • Specify if you want us to post the item to your home (see price below) and give us your address. The postal service is only available within Sweden.
  • If possible – include a picture of the lost object.
  • Please observe that passports and ID-cards are not sent by post, but must be picked up at the airport.

Within a couple of days we will reply whether or not the object has been found. The reply will be sent to the E-mail address you have sent your query from.

How can I get my lost item back?

You will agree a date and time for the extradition of your goods with the manager of Lost & Found. Then you can come to the Airport Information desk every day between 8:00 am-4:00 pm.

We will charge an administration fee of SEK 100.

Should you choose to have the item delivered by post to your home address stated in your E-mail – the total cost of SEK 450 will be charged, postage and service fee included. Please observe that the postal service is only available within Sweden.

Luggage and possessions voluntarily left at the airport (e.g. if your hand luggage is too large or too heavy at the gate) are not handled by the airport, but will be discarded.


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