The VINCI Nordic Foundation support the fight against Covid-19

The French VINCI Group is the majority owners of Stockholm Skavsta Airport. Now the VINCI Nordic Foundation is adjusting to support those who are fighting against Covid-19. The VINCI Group has decided to donate SEK 500,000 from the foundation to support people and initiatives that deal with the Covid-19 crisis. SEK 200,000 will be directly donated to the Red Cross’s work against Covid-19. 300.000 SEK will be donated to organizations that VINCI employees in the Nordic countries suggests.

Donations are channeled primarily to nonprofits and other organizations where personal or volunteer are directly involved in the work of fighting the Covid-19 crisis. These may be, for example, those who work in the front line of hospitals, medical facilities, social organizations or schools.

The VINCI Foundation can provide financial resources, but the employees need to get involved in finding the right organizations and coordinating their support. The support can partly be their own time or just financial support.

To qualify, organizations must:

  • Be active in hospitals, other health care, social organizations or schools
  • Be eligible for donations
  • Need help with the fight against Covid-19, eg travel expenses, purchases, deliveries, food, etc.

The proposals will be approved by the VINCI Foundation Nordic before the project starts.

VINCI Nordic Foundation also encourage the employees to come up with suggestions how their department can support, for example by providing materials or personal support (donate protective equipment, donate computers, borrow vehicles etc).

Read more about VINCI Nordic Foundation here.

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