VINCI Environmental Day

22 September is dedicated to environmental work in the VINCI Group, the majority owner of Stockholm Skavsta Airport.

VINCI Group is a global actor with 46 airports in 12 countries, via VINCI Airports.

The airport sector is confronted with the environmental challenge, to which it must respond in a responsible manner. Fully aware of the situation, VINCI Airports is facing up to this challenge and was the first in its sector to step up to the plate in 2015 by announcing AirPact, a global environmental strategy for all its airports worldwide. AirPact aims to drive environmental issues forward in each of the countries where VINCI Airports has operations.

AirPact is 5 group targets to be accomplished by all VINCI Airports by 2030:

  • HALVE our carbon footprint by 2030 – ZERO net emission by 2050
  • Reduce water consumption by 50%
  • Zero waste in landfill
  • 100% airports with biodiversity diagnosis and preservation plan
  • 100% airports ISO 14001 certified

As an airport operator, Stockholm Skavsta Airport strive to develop the airport to become more efficient and sustainable, and to work with our partners in our common strive to minimize aviation impact on the environment.

Stockholm Skavsta Airport has a fully implemented environmental permit securing that we operate and develops according to national environmental laws and legislations.

In our commitment to minimize the environmental impact, several initiatives has already been deployed, for example:

  • Purification and recycling of aircraft deicing glycol.
  • A wetland to support biological processes on organic carbon in stormwater.
  • A carpark loaded with electrical charge points.
  • A centralized property heatproduction running on woodpellets instead of oil.
  • A waste management structure that recycles most of the airport produced garbage.

These are some of the notable initiatives already in action. And we are aiming for more!

Read more about the environmental work of Stockholm Skavsta Airport here.

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